Janel Nordstrom
Janel Nordstrom
Janel Nordstrom
Janel Nordstrom
Janel Nordstrom



I have worked in Corporate sales most of my adult life but took a leap and began my jewelry business in 2013. My inspiration was initiated while creating a project using household washers. I saw beyond the predictability and hardness of the washer and was able to see it's distinction and elegance.

I began to visualize unique, custom creations with an unconventional medium... hardware!  Suddenly, I was transforming hardware into intriguing conversation starters. I studied the art of jewelry making at Harold Studio in Phoenix, Arizona which was instrumental in honing my skills.  Making jewelry with hardened steel presents many challenges.  I am now conquering those obstacles by learning how to operate the big machines and shop tools. My new happy place!

Over the past four years my distinct designs have helped me brand my collections. My brand Jware has five lines: Jewels, Washerize, Autobahn, Revolve and Enlighten.  In addition, I have a Signature Statement Collection and a Vintage Collection. In the past year I have developed a love for Vintage hardware parts.  The exploration of finding those one-of-a-kind unique pieces gives me such joy. These antique finds are especially cool and have history.

I'm thrilled to have found my passion in designing jewelry. As my business grows, I will continue to create unique pieces and expand into the accessory world, staying true to my "love of hardware."

Please look for the piece that speaks to you.


- Janel

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