Handmade jewelry constructed of repurposed hardware parts for Women and Men

Designer signature series that make a bold statement. Artistic pieces with personality and style. Necklaces are named and have a hand stamped tag. Limited and one-of-a-kind unique jewelry.

Unique Vintage hardware re-purposed into beautiful jewelry pieces. One-of-a-kind antique treasures and limited edition jewelry.


A sparkling mix of Swarovski crystal beads intermixed with unique hardware parts. These necklaces are convertible pieces that can be worn long or shortened with a simple clasp adjustment. When shortened the beautiful sparkle strand dangles down your back adding drama to any outfit.

Industrial hardware parts repurposed into interesting jewelry with a hint of sparkle and feminine edge. A mix of tough and elegant.

Repurposed wheels and bearings into cool conversation pieces. For the love of autos, skateboards and skates. Stylish Beauty in motion.

Orbiting 3 dimensional jewelry pieces that are made to spin. Light catching pieces with motion.

Lighting inspired pieces with illuminating style. Repurposed lighting hardware parts that sparkle and light up your look.